Complex projects are confronting us with a whole new set of questions and give us the motivation to research topics and ideas and to find solutions for specific project situations. We therefore accord priority to the broadening of our background knowledge and then applying and using that knowledge in projects on the ground.

Blast Resistance Design

Structural aspects of the design and layout of buildings have to be carefully considered when detonating demolition blasts, especially when it concerns buildings in the chemical and petro-chemical industries. The latter involve using non linear timed calculations for lasting structural elements, and a careful chronological plan to deal with the overall structure.

Thermal Building Physics

In our design and consulting work we take into account the interactions which occur between the building or structure and nature itself, to achieve the best technical solution possible to manage that interaction. Modern buildings require very good thermal insulation standards, but attention also needs to be given to protection against moisture. Often, complex tasks need to be tackled not only as a result of the thermal building physics analyses but as a result of the hygral building physics too. Special heed needs to be taken of indoor climate and ambient conditions. Within the scope of our integrated design approach we work in close cooperation with technical building services to ensure optimum completion of these tasks on behalf of our clients.

Our services include:

With complex projects involving non residential construction where individual requirements relating to the indoor climate, we taken advantage of the opportunity to work with specialists on thermal/hygral simulations, the economic benefits of which are passed on to the client and the simulations result in showing the way towards a safe solution.

Structural Fire Prevention

In the specialized field of structural fire protection as an interface between structural design and general fire protection design we have implemented project-specific standards on fire resistance endurance ratings when drawing up structural designs and verifying structural elements.

Our services include:

The requirements in respect of structural fire protection are directly influenced by the structural form of the structural design and therefore enable a variety of design solutions, in terms of the level of cost-effectiveness required.

Structural Dynamics

Structural Health Monitoring

BIM - Building Information Modeling