Not only do our engineers have a good deal of experience in construction details, they are also pros in planning and construction management. They manage the entire project like real generalists, independently of designers, planners and contracting companies. Successful management is based on project management and value management. Value management in this context is the linking of problem-solving methods with practical building procedures, quality management and successful teamwork.

Our services:

  • Project organisation and documentation
  • Construction site management
  • Construction and assembly supervision
  • Technical monitoring and controls
  • Tendering and awarding of contracts (systems and individual trades)
  • Schedule planning and management
  • Cost planning and cost control
  • Quality design, design requirements

By starting with construction management early on in the process you can have an immediate influence on the design content, and therefore the function, quality and follow-on costs. It is a must in the early stages of construction, since many of the requirements can be achieved with creativity instead of money. You benefit from cost-effective management by awarding the project as an individual contract, thereby ensuring that all trade work is done by quality companies. Experts take on the job of project management, even if BEHR Ingenieure does not plan it that way.

Construction Monitoring and Overall Supervision

  • Monitoring of construction project with respect to schedules, quality and cost


  • More certain conclusion of site operations as detailed in the scope of work in terms of schedules and costs.
  • Insolvency management of construction sites and successful conclusion of half-finished projects.
  • Development of ideas and drawing up of studies on the conversion of properties.

Cost management

  • Costing tracking and management at each phase of construction and reliable forecasts of total costs at the end of the project
  • Crash situation prevention
  • On site quality management during construction
  • Quality control by experts
  • Structured project support and monitoring