As structural design and planning partners, we have been working together with our clients on their projects abroad for many years. Our participating partner companies and partner offices abroad are directly involved with the relevant markets and are able to implement projects locally on our behalf. Because of our many years working internationally, we are able to offer the appropriate technical, organisational, and intellectual resources and experience, and this allows optimum implementation of our client's projects abroad. We build on these three main pillars:


  • Professional Basics
  • Availability and knowledge of international standards, such as
    • EuroCode (EC)
    • International Building Code (UBC / IBC)
    • British Standard (BS)
    • American Standards (ASCE/ ACI/ AISC)
    • Russian Standards (SNIP/ GOST)
  • Availability and knowledge of national standards
    • Italy (UNI)
    • Ukraine (DBN)
    • India (IS)
    • Kazakhstan (GOST-K)
  • Knowledge of the approvals and permissions procedures abroad

Foreign partner companies

  • Kiew, Ukraine since 2005
  • Almaty, Kazakhstan since 2006
  • Zürich, Switzerland
  • Vienna, Austria

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Intercultural Competence and Management

  • Multilingual employees
  • Employees with an international background
  • Intercultural understanding and competence